Blown away by the quality and design - OVAL FRONTLIT MIRROR

Oval LED Lighted Vanity Mirror Dimmable Anti-Fog Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror with Lights

One customer left feedback with us saying that she feels like her bathroom like the hotel because of our IP44 mirror light, all the guest love to use the bathroom so much.

And another customer said that they were blown away by the quality and design! This is what we want, and we are real happy and proud that we have made a good job among our design team and the product control team and production team and after-sales team.

Would you like to give it a try ? Pls don't hesitate, we would be here always for you. Here are some new visual pictures to show our frontlit oval mirror, which is thinner than before with our NEW DESIGN.


Last but not least, all the best wishes to you as always. Stay safe and love life! Hope we can brighten up your life. ^_^



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