Beautiful Backlit Illuminated Mirror for Hotel

LED lighted mirror of Keonjinn bathroom mirror for hotel

Being effected by the covid 19, more and more people are looking for a better healthy living way, taking exercise, enjoy life with families and friends from time to time.

And we, keonjinn is so proud that we can be part of this, offering the high quality illuminated mirrors in reasonable price for hotels, help them to create the guests' staying experience and heal the guests' tired body and spirit.

Here are the usage scenario to show you the extremely beautiful view with our keonjinn rectangle LED lighted mirror, which is not only a mirror but also a wall deco.

keonjinn wall mounted vertically bathroom mirror for hotel

It looks super gorgeous, right ? Who would not love the staying there? Can be so close to the sunshine and nature, and our mirror is the soft light, there are warm light, natural light, cool light, all light's brightness can be dimmed as guest's like.

keonjinn backlit bathroom mirror hotel mirror wall deco mirror

keonjinn three color temperature lighted mirror for bathroom hotel wall

The green plant adds more energy of the guestroom, plus the luxury ceiling lamp, everything looks amazing from the mirror, can make guests forget everything but happy and relaxing.

In future, we will share more mirrors' usage scenario for reference, hope that we could collaborate with more and more clients from different industries, it is our honor to help our clients' business better and better.

Welcome to inquiry if you have any other idea or requirements for our mirror.
All the best wishes to you as always. Thanks for your support again. 
KeonJinn Team

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LED lighted mirror of Keonjinn bathroom mirror for hotel

Beautiful Backlit Illuminated Mirror for Hotel

Being effected by the covid 19, more and more people are looking for a better healthy l...
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